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Normally Moz Pro account will cost you $179 per month. You will get it from us at $7 per month.

CONTACT admin for discount on bulk accounts for your teams and friends. We may be able to give more discounts.

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Short Summary:-

Level Up your SEO game by getting Moz Pro at a discounted price. Save upto $172 on Moz Pro for 30 days. You will get Moz Pro at just $7.


What is Moz?

Moz is an SEO and data management software that helps businesses increase traffic, ranking, and visibility of sites in search results. Key features include site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword search tools. The software allows users to categorize, compare, and prioritize keywords and phrases to fine-tune content and marketing strategies. It also enables businesses to outrank the competition by providing intuitive keyword suggestions tools, which are derived from an extensive online database using updated SERP data. Moz supports businesses to fix technical SEO issues that impede site visibility, traffic, and quality ranking. It also allows them to track competitors’ movement on the SERP, allowing businesses to uncover competitive advantages in order to attain top positions. Additionally, it can perform automated weekly checks on the site, alerting administrators to any existing issues to facilitate prompt fixes.

Key benefits of using Moz

Understand your visitors with Keyword Explorer by strategically targeting keywords with accurate keyword volume and difficulty metrics, as well as by saving keyword lists that you can track and update as needed.

*Track your and your competitor’s rankings – Know what searchers see by tracking national and local searches and get a holistic picture of how you rank for your keywords with Search Visibility score

* Crawl and audit your sites – our crawlers hunt for issues that keeps search engines from fully crawling your site and sends alerts to ensure you’re first to know when site issues are found so you can fix them fast.

* Optimize your pages – Moz Pro will ensure you’ve got maximum potential to rank for your target keywords by auditing the content on your pages and recommending specific improvements

* Find link opportunities – Links are a critical element if effective SEO. Moz Pro will help you maximize the effect of the links you have and find new ones to improve your rankings.


The account will be valid for 30 days from the date of purchasing. You will get an account on fresh email id.

Turnaround Time (TAT):-

The accounts are delivered in the 24 hours of your order placement. It shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. Please contact contact admin via telegram or send an email after placing any order.

Nature of account:-

You can change the password of account provided to you. This is not a hacked account, you will have full access of Moz Pro without any issue, as you have on any personal Moz Pro account.

Rules to follow (Best Practices):-

  1. Don’t share the account with multiple people, other wise there are chances of account blocking.
  2. Don’t randomly share your account email id on social media.
  3. Try not to verify your main domain to Moz Pro permanently on these accounts.
  4. Use it as you will your own account with care.

Refund Policy:-

  1. If we aren’t able to complete order in the said time period you will receive refund on your payment.
  2. You need to check account in 24 hours of receiving the account after that there will be no refund if account didn’t worked.
  3. Due to nature of service, we can try replacing account if it gets closed before said time period but this is not a guarantee. Refund will not be processed after 24 hours.

Please contact contact admin via telegram or send an email after placing any order.


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Please contact us on telegram before placing any big order. This will help you to avoid any waiting period. Please visit our refund policy, for more info on the refund about your order. 

Description of refund policy:-

1. We will not process a refund if the account or service is blocked due to your negligence. Means using bad proxies, not clearing cache memory of browser or due to violation of services’s policy.

2. We will not process a refund after 24 hours when we delivered the account or service. Means you need to check details like password, email, account billing period or any other account login related issue within 24 hours 


1. We will refund in case of we are not able to deliver you the account or service in said time period. 

2. We will refund if you are not able to login into the account or service for the first time. 

3. For more info against refund directly talk to admin on Telegram or email.