Things to keep in mind

Please keep these things in mind before using the accounts and services on website:-

We have added things to keep in mind for each individual products. Please refer to those for looking at individual products best practices.

We don’t guarantee for the amount of days you will be able to access the services. Here are some best practices to follow if using multiple accounts from same vendor.

  1. Try using Session box or Firefox containers with Good quality proxies for isolating the browser history and system IP.
  2. Try clearing the cache memory or resetting your router in most of the case this is sufficient to keep things working.
  3. Change the password for the account or service after purchasing, it will help in avoiding any conflict later.
  4. Do not open all the accounts from same vendor repeatedly in the same browser window.
  5. Don’t use rotating residential proxies as they will rotate with each refresh and the account might get banned due to getting accessed from multiple IPs.
  6. For paying while paypal we might ask you to confirm the product delivered button in your paypal dashboard. Because this will avoid any unnecessary charge backs from paypal.

Contact admin via telegram or email for discussing more things.


Please contact us on telegram before placing any big order. This will help you to avoid any waiting period. Please visit our refund policy, for more info on the refund about your order. 

Description of refund policy:-

1. We will not process a refund if the account or service is blocked due to your negligence. Means using bad proxies, not clearing cache memory of browser or due to violation of services’s policy.

2. We will not process a refund after 24 hours when we delivered the account or service. Means you need to check details like password, email, account billing period or any other account login related issue within 24 hours 


1. We will refund in case of we are not able to deliver you the account or service in said time period. 

2. We will refund if you are not able to login into the account or service for the first time. 

3. For more info against refund directly talk to admin on Telegram or email.